Wanna know how to do hair styling without damage? This guide is for you. Keep reading this post to know all the damage free hair styling hacks to keep you hair healthy and shiny.

Maybe in a perfect world, we would not have as many hair-related problems as we deal with in today’s world. Especially with the increase in pollution, we face a lot of hurdles when it comes to taking care of our hair. One issue is having frizz-free and well-styled hair, and the side effect of it is keeping our hair healthy. But both contradict each other since to do hair styling, we do have to use products and heat on our hair that often leads to hair damage such as hair fall, dandruff, etc. 

There are products that are trying to cater to these problems, but we still rely on the good old straightener to keep our hair manageable. A straightener is a good investment since it does the job as per its name, but it can also give you beautiful curls. But there is a lot of heat produced during straightening which can damage our hair and so to tackle that, we need to apply heat protectant spray and creams, whatnot. Even if they are used to keep out the heat from damaging our hair, those products are chemicals at the end of the day. 

But there is no escaping that ritual since it minimizes the damage done to our hair. The question still remains open: how do we do hair styling without damage or with the most minimum damage, especially if you are styling it quite frequently. 

An Ultimate Guide For Hair Styling Without Heat Damage

An Ultimate Guide For Hair Styling Without Damage

Following are some tips that you can follow to reduce the damage. 

1) Ceramic Plate Heating Hair Styling Tools.

Ceramic Plate Heating Hair Styling Tools

Ceramic plates used in flat irons and hair straightening brushes are a better option than other straighteners if you are thinking of buying one. The Bekind Apex 2-in-1 Hair Straightener Flat Iron is an excellent product if you are thinking of investing in a good flat iron. You can create curls and straighten your hair as you like.

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Let me tell you why this flat iron is better than the others available in the market. This flatiron comes with a unique coating material that creates a very smooth surface for styling your hair. The end result is silky smooth hair, of course. The heat also remains stable throughout, so rest assured, your hair will not go through heat damage. This flatiron also comes with hair-related accessories such as hair clips, gloves, etc., making it a good gifting option. 

If you do not prefer flatirons and want more of a natural style than perfectly straightened hair, you would obviously prefer hair straightening brushes. They reduce frizz and also give you a more manageable look. It also takes less time to do hair styling since you can just run it through your hair a few times, and you are done! 

To ensure that you invest in the right products, we also recommend a hair straightening brush that has been tried and tested. 

The BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush is one of the best hair straighteners out there in the market for hair straightening . 

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Check Out BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush On Amazon >>

The features that make this hair straightening brush the best in the market are as follows:

  • Made with the latest MCH technology
  • Has temperature memory
  • Anion feature that makes the hair less frizzy
  • Stable heat throughout the styling process
  • Heats up quickly to lessen the waiting time

These two styling products are convenient if you are looking for one right now to reduce hair damage. 

2) Use Heat Protectant For Hair Styling Without Damage.

Use Heat Protectant For Hair Styling Without Damage

Even though I said that heat protectants are chemicals earlier, there is no denying that it is a holy grail when it comes to styling your hair where heat is used. You must never forget to apply heat protectant before styling, and also, aftercare is critical as well. 

You can find heat protectants in the form of creams, gel, mousses, sprays. Buy the products according to your hair type to get better results. There are many brands out there that provide heat protectants. 

If you do not want to use a heat protectant, there are alternatives too. One would be aloe vera gel, argan oil, shea butter, etc. you can also use a leave-in conditioner as an alternative. 

But these are just alternatives and are not really a 100% heat-proof product. 

3) Shampoo And Conditioner.

Shampoo And Conditioner

Well, this only makes sense because if you cannot use a heat protectant or if you fear that even after using all of that, your hair will be damaged, you can only rely on shampoos and conditioners to take away all the bad stuff out from your hair and give your scalp all the things it needs. 

Always try to use shampoos that are free from sulfate; this applies to all types of hair but if your hair is wavy, curly, make sure you only use sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoos on your hair. 

What you put on your scalp is also very important when talking about taking care of your hair. If your base is not that strong, even if you use the right straighteners, heat tools, heat protectants, your hair will face some damage, if not excessive. 

Ensure you are using the right kind of shampoo with ingredients essential for your scalp and hair. It would help if you always chose a shampoo depending on your scalp type, like oily, dry, etc., and hair texture such as straight, wavy, curly, etc.

Here are a few tips on how to shampoo correctly:

how to shampoo correctly infographic

  • Use the product on the scalp only 
  • Gently massage your scalp 
  • Do not apply shampoo to your roots since while rinsing out, your ends will get the product
  • Using excessive shampoo will only dry out the hair, and the scalp might remain oily
  • Make sure to comb your hair to remove any tangles before you wash your hair

With shampoo, we also need to talk about conditioners. There are different types of conditioners available these days in the market. We have leave-in conditioners; good old normal conditioners are anyway available. So, it is always better to buy a conditioner of the same brand as your shampoo and from the same range. 

For curly hair styling, leave-in conditioners are game-changers since you can style your curls by finger coiling. And if you want to do hair styling using heat, you can use a diffuser to get those fantastic curls. And for straight and slightly wavy hair, normal conditioners work as well. 

Few tips on conditioning properly for hair styling without damage:

  • Use conditioner only on the ends of your hair
  • Do not apply the product to your scalp
  • Take the conditioner on your finger rather than on the palm
  • Run your fingers through the middle and ends of your hair to spread the conditioner evenly
  • Leave the conditioner in your hair for 2 minutes at least
  • Rinse off properly by running your fingers through your hair

4) Hair Cut And Trimming.

Hair Cut And Trimming

As important as it is to use hair masks, hair oils for good nourishment of your hair, it is also essential to get rid of the damaged hair. The more you cut or trim your hair, the more it grows quickly and also is healthy. Make sure to trim to ends if they turn too rough or frizzy. 

5) Avoid Heat For Hair Styling Without Damage.

Avoid Heat For Hair Styling Without Damage

Now, you must be wondering about this point.

How to do hair styling without heat?

Well, by avoiding heat, I meant that try to avoid getting your hair blow-dried all the time. If you are in a hurry, it is understandable since there is not much time left to air dry and then do the hair styling. But in cases where you can skip blow-drying your hair, do so. A hair straightening brush is an excellent alternative in such situations since it works on slightly wet hair, and while you do hair styling, it also becomes dry. 

In other words, try not to go through the unnecessary heat when you can totally skip it and keep your hair healthy while doing the hair styling. Also, never use heat on your scalp!

6) Healthy Lifestyle Means Healthy Hair.

Healthy Lifestyle Means Healthy Hair

Let us be honest here. No matter how hard you try to save yourself from the damage, if you use products, heat, your hair will face some issues. To keep it healthy, your hair must be strong from the roots. And to achieve that, one thing that is absolutely necessary but goes unnoticed is the diet and the lifestyle.

If you cannot afford to have a silk pillowcase, expensive hair masks, hair spa treatments, it is absolutely fine. Just try to maintain a healthy diet rich in protein since our hair is made of keratin, which is a fibrous protein. If you are healthy from within, you will see results on your own. There are other foods that help in the production of keratin which is absolutely necessary for healthy hair.

And try to use as many natural products as possible instead of chemicals. 

Final Words.

So, that’s everything you should know to do the hair styling without any damages. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has helped you in performing hair styling in a more healthier way. That’s all for now, stay tuned with BeKind for more such amazing hair styling tips, guides and tutorials. Do check our YouTube channel as well for hair styling video tutorials. Thanks for reading this post.