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What's included in Laurenza

18-in-1 Hair Style Het

Styling your hair the way you want to is every woman’s key to feeling and looking. We, at Laurenza, know that hair straightening and styling is a tedious process that must be done in such a way that hair looks natural and remains damage free. Thus, we deliver you a big bundle, which contains the following 18 items, which will help you style your hair in the perfect and safest way possible.

Milano by Laurenza hair straightener × 1

Milano by Laurenza flannelette bag × 1

Silicone 2-side anti-scald glove × 1

Black hair clip × 2

Black hairbrush × 1

Black hair tie × 12

All these 18 hair styling tools are in-house designed at Laurenza to make you feel special when styling your hair and offer the utmost care to your hair.


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