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Shipping & Delivery

BeKind Shipping And Delivery

BeKind is constantly working to provide you high quality and satisfying delivery as soon as possible because we love to enhance your experience with our website and services. Our main motive is to provide you the best shopping experience. However, the time taken to deliver your ordered product may vary depending on the address you provide, the availability of the product ordered, and the time of purchase. To make sure you get a positive shopping experience through BeKind and we get a positive response from you, we have a number of service listings that are explained below.

  • Estimated delivery time

It takes us between 6 to 8 days to successfully deliver any item that you purchase from our online stores when you order through an online payment. It may take some more days to deliver your product in case any issue arises. We have a team of shipping experts who are available 24×7 to assist and help you with any concerns. 

  • Shipment of the product 

We constantly try to deliver and make the shipment of all the products ordered at the respective address entered by the customers on our store. To make sure you get a successful delivery, you are requested to provide precise information while checking out.

We always use highly trustworthy and reliable services that include DHL, FedEx, Sky-net, and USPS to ensure convenient shipment services. The customers are also provided with an option to claim a refund if they did not receive the product within 20 business days of the order. We are sad to inform you that we will be unable to provide deliveries to Russia, Israel, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, and other sanctioned countries because we are facing some issues and are in some specific conditions.

  • Order tracking

Once the product is ordered and shipped, the customers are provided with the tracking details of the order through their email. We try to contact you in different ways such as via a phone call, a text message (notification), or through your email so that you can confirm that the order is placed intentionally and is genuine. You can also track the product directly through our web portal to get all the updates. 

  • Damaged or defective products

BeKind is always working hard to provide you the best quality products available in the market but as you know some products may get damaged during the shipment process. In such cases, we take full responsibility for any return or refund asked by the customers. You just have to go through the return or refund process and explain the reason and we will process the return or refund for that item within the mentioned time.

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