Any Safety Instructions?

Keep away from children; make sure there are no flammable goods around the product during operation. Don't keep the product plugged to the power source when not in use. Avoid wrapping the power cord around the product. Make sure the product is cool after using it before you store or place it. To avoid hair

What’s The Warranty Or Replacement Policy?

BeKind Anion hair straightener brush comes with a 12-month warranty and a 3-month free-return policy. As said earlier, user satisfaction and experience matters the most to us. That’s why, to make everything hassle-free, we provide a 12-month warranty that covers all the damage and replaces products if you find it not working at all. If

How To Use This Hair Straightener Brush?

It’s easier than ever to straighten and style your hair with the BeKind Anion hair straightener brush. You can follow the below steps or check the product user manual as well for the best results. Step 1:- Set The Right Temperature And Stretch Coil Hair First. Step 2:- Section Your Hair Using Fingers And Apply

What’s Its Temperature Range?

BeKind Anion has an amazing customizable set of temp ranges. Once can set temperature from 265℉ to 450℉ by merely scrolling the AnionScroll button. This gives users great flexibility. Say no to damages, set the right temperature, and style your hair the way you want without damaging them. Here’s the ideal temperature range that we

How Fast This Hair Straightener Brush Heats Up?

This hair straightener brush is designed to heat-up within 15 seconds, thanks to the Newest MCH technology. This means no more waiting; just press the ON button, and you are all set to style your hair within 15 seconds of turning this straightener ON. In addition to this, the BeKind Anion hair straightener brush also

Why BeKind Anion And Not Others?

BeKind considers its customers and their issues over everything. When you purchase BeKind Anion, we make sure that you get the best value for your money. If you encounter any problem after purchase, we are here to help you out and make your experience better than ever. In case if you are not satisfied with

What Makes BeKind Anion The Best Hair Straightener Brush?

When it comes to hair straightener brushes or flat irons, hair-damage is something that most people find scary. Well, there’s no such terrifying nightmare associated with BeKind Anion. BeKind Anion is designed to suit all hair types, straighten them and keep them shiny without damaging them. Here are a few features of BeKind Anion that


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